White label business intelligence - what is it?

White label Business Intelligence, also known as white label analytics, is a subset of embedded analytics, where a software company embeds a third-party Business Intelligence platform within its software. White label Business Intelligence (BI) is a type of Business Intelligence (BI) platform that can be rebranded and its appearance customized to be visually integrated with your software application into which it is embedded. 


White labeling vs. developing an internal tool

When an organization examines the advantages of white labeling, they may decide that building their own BI tool allows them to capture all these benefits without having to pay for a BI tool. However, developing a solution in-house has inherent issues that make white labeling a much better choice.

Embedded Analytics - 3 year Build vs Buy

The price of building a custom solution will be higher than that of purchasing a white-labeled solution. When you consider the long-term costs of maintenance and development associated with in-house solutions, this becomes even more evident. The majority of companies are unable to devote the time and resources necessary to develop a tool that will provide their customers and employees with the functionality they require. It is important to note that industry-leading BI tools are feature-rich, constantly evolving, and will pay for themselves over and over again in the form of enhanced insight and efficiency.

Additionally, businesses without significant development expertise may take considerable time to set up their own in-house tools. It may appear overwhelming to implement a white labeled BI solution at first glance, but this is rarely the case. In order to help businesses get value from their white labeled solution right away, today's top BI companies offer a variety of implementation support and professional services.

In the event that a business's in-house solution fails, it is the staff's responsibility to restore it to full functionality. When the IT department is overburdened, everyone becomes less efficient. White labeled BI solutions allow businesses to take advantage of the support staff of the tool in order to solve problems and resolve any issues that may arise.

In summary, if the question is build vs buy, white labeling is cheaper, simpler, and less labor-intensive than implementing a custom solution.


Why use white label Business Intelligence?

Software businesses that create white label Business Intelligence products embed third-party Business Intelligence platforms into their own software applications and rebrand them to match the appearance and feel of their overall product. When a software company embeds a white label business intelligence platform, they do not have to spend resources developing their own BI module, but still maintain the appearance that the platform is an integral part of their product. 

Software companies can utilize this customization to deliver a consistent user experience between the analytics module and the core software product.

There are several analytics vendors, including Toucan, that offer white label Business Intelligence packages for embedding. From simple logo and color changes to the ability to access the CSS and HTML of the platform to change fonts, create bespoke actions, and design pixel-perfect dashboards, vendors offer varying degrees of flexibility when it comes to rebranding. To learn more about how to choose a vendor check out our page on white label analytics. 

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