Mobile Analytics Tools - All You Need to Know

Mobile analytics tools empower decision-makers and field employees to access the same benefits of their desktop analytics applications on mobile devices. 

The rise of mobile device usage among corporate employees prompted a need for mobile integration of analytics tools, and many solutions offer mobile solutions. Some of the benefits mobile analytics offer include:

  • Versatility: Mobile analytics tools offer the ability for employees to access data whenever and wherever. 
  • Reporting: Decision-makers can now generate reports on the move, whether they're on an airplane or on the beach. 
  • Field Monitoring: Perhaps the most powerful use case for mobile analytics tools is field monitoring. Employees can view live data on the job, promoting responsibility and greater productivity.

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Like desktop analytics tools, the two main categories of business analytics tools include data visualization/embedded and business intelligence. Here are the differences between the two:


Mobile Data Visualization

Mobile data visualization tools center around the seamless display of insights through data storytelling. Mobile dashboards are gaining popularity across the largest firms in all industries. Having a tool that displays your dashboards in a mobile format allows users to view vital business KPIs with a couple of taps. 

Mobile data visualization tools are the most useful for use cases with many field employees that view general data, such as retail, logistics, and sales.


Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile business intelligence tools provide more technical resources than data visualization. These applications serve executives and high-level employees that need drill-downs of specific KPIs, analyze complex trends, and offer predictive analysis.

Because mobile business intelligence tools offer more technical capabilities,  executives and management stand to benefit the most from their usage. 


The Ultimate Mobile Analytics Tool

It is important to understand the capabilities of mobile analytics tools when evaluating your options to ensure that they cater to your specific use cases and expectations. 

Toucan's mobile analytics offer dedicated mobile integration for business intelligence and data visualization, built-in collaboration, and an easily-navigatable UI. Mobile analytics tools have the power to transform your data workflow and taking advantage of their capabilities can drive growth and results. 

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