Data Visualization - What is it ?

Data Visualization, often abbreviated to "Dataviz" is the graphical representation of information or data. Data visualization tools allow data to be presented in the form of graphs, charts or other diagrams to facilitate the understanding and identification of trends and patterns.

Data Viz

For good reason, this graphical representation allows intuitive reading. Our eyes are used to discerning colors and shapes in the real world. Thus, when faced with a diagram, it is very easy to quickly detect trends and anomalies. This is not the case in front of a large Excel table.

In the age of Big Data, Data Visualization has become indispensable for analyzing the vast volumes of information generated every day. Without Dataviz tools, it would be extremely complex to understand and make sense of millions of data corridors. Data Scientists and Data Analysts therefore use it on a daily basis.

Data visualization allows you to tell a story from the data, highlighting relevant information and erasing unnecessary elements. Thus, it is possible to rely on this data to make decisions.

Similarly, Machine Learning now makes it easier to perform analyses such as predictive analysis. Data Visualization makes it possible to present the results of these analyses in a clear and readable way.

Data Visualization allows the identification of a wide variety of trends. Among its most common applications are the detection of changes over time, the determination of the frequency of an event, the determination of relationships between several data, the analysis of a network, the analysis of risk and value, or the planning of a project.

There are several broad categories of data visualizations: charts, tables, diagrams, maps, infographics, and dashboards. However, each of these different categories can be further broken down into a large number of sub-categories.

In the category of diagrams, a distinction is made, for example, between band diagrams and pie charts. For each dataset, it is important to choose the ideal visualization method to effectively present the information.

Like data analysis, Dataviz is used today in a wide variety of industries: science, government, finance, marketing, retail, education, sports... it can be useful in all areas where data is collected and just waiting to be exploited!

supply chain dashboard

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supply chain dashboard

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