Data Intelligence - What is it ?

The term Data Intelligence refers to the entire process of collecting and analyzing data in order to discover trends and information. It therefore encompasses all the tools and methods used to make sense of raw data.

Data can be collected directly within the company or from external sources. Internally, it is possible to retrieve performance or customer data from company databases.

For external sources, data mining tools can be used to extract data from sources such as social networks, e-commerce platforms, or online advertising initiatives.

The data collected is then processed by Data Intelligence tools, using algorithms, to generate valuable information. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools are now also incorporated into the Data Intelligence concept. These new technologies allow large volumes of data to be analyzed more quickly and accurately.

Companies can then use these insights to uncover opportunities and make better decisions. For example, they can be used to develop new products or services to meet consumer demand.

To better understand customer expectations, data can be collected on customer habits, shopping preferences, web trends, and other information about individuals. It will then be possible to tailor new products and services to the targeted customer base.

Data Intelligence also makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of a company's investments. Prescriptive and descriptive analysis tools help to verify whether an investment is profitable or whether it is better to spend the budget differently.

These different methods and tools also allow the organization to better identify its position on its market or in its industry, and to improve its competitiveness. Finally, companies can find out how to optimize their services or discover new approaches that are more relevant in the long term.

Data Intelligence should not be confused with Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence. The latter is more about organizing data and presenting it in an understandable way. It generally boils down to the analysis of internal data. Data intelligence, on the other hand, focuses on the analysis of information itself and extends to multiple external sources.