Business Dashboard KPI- What is it ?

A dashboard, or business dashboard, is an information management tool that allows a company to use data to monitor and analyze its performance. Such a tool can be used to simplify complex data sets and take advantage of data visualization techniques to quickly identify trends.

Also known as the Business Intelligence Dashboard, the dashboard allows you to consolidate a company's data on a single screen after converting it into a data visualization. In particular, it brings together metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

However, a dashboard is always intended for a specific audience and must therefore present information relevant to that audience. A dashboard will not present the same data depending on whether it is aimed at company executives or employees.

In addition, a distinction is made between operational dashboards, strategic, operational and analytical dashboards. Finally, the content of a dashboard differs according to the company's sector of activity.

The key performance indicators presented on the dashboard should be consistent with the organization's objectives and enable it to make decisions to progress towards those objectives. It is therefore essential to carefully select the indicators to be presented on the dashboard.

If this dashboard is intended for sales teams, then it is called a sales dashboard, also known as a "sales dashboard" or sales dashboard. This dashboard should focus on the management of sales processes, with KPIs to optimize mechanisms and facilitate planning.

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Indicators for evaluating sales performance include the stages of the sales cycle, customer reaction time to sales representatives, activity by type, and contract value.

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Transaction monitoring, sales funnels, turnover, or productivity are all indicators that can be integrated into a commercial dashboard. These KPIs will allow visualizing the progress of sales teams towards agreement signature and revenue generation.

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More generally, the term business dashboard can refer to a dashboard used by a company in the retail industry. The main indicators used include average transaction size, total sales volume, product return rate and reasons for returns, customer retention, and sales volume by region.