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1.  Customizable, beautiful end user experience - anywhere

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Create analytics to match

  • A vast choice of visualization: more than twenty different types of visualizations to meet your needs.
  • Best in-class UX : change the way you consume data with Toucan's data storytelling elements.
  • A no-code creation studio: improve the autonomy and productivity of your teams.
  • White label and customization: embed a dashboard in the image of your product with numerous customization options.

Data doesn’t need to be boring - your customers expect the experience they get with their favorite consumer apps. Toucan’s end users view more than 4 million Toucan stories per year, with our clients harnessing the power of data storytelling to communicate data. Either embedded in another app or a standalone experience, and with an elegant design on any device, your customers will thank you.


2. Effortless implementation & innovation


Seamless integration



  • Iframe or Web Component: choose the method you need to embed your dashboard.
  • SDK: Create deep interactions between your platform and Toucan.
  • Json Web Token: Toucan relies on your authentication system without duplicating anything.
  • Completely Responsive: all Toucan visualizations are designed to be deployed on any medium, PDF, mobile, tablet, TV, etc.
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 To build or to buy - that is the question. Your engineering and custom development resources are scarce, especially in today’s environment. Toucan’s no-code, cloud-first, easy to implement solution will bring implementation from months to weeks - without the need for technical support. Our platform seamlessly connects to and consumes a wide range of cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, AWS RedShift, Google BigQuery and more.


3. Unparalleled support & expertise

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Scale with a flexible architecture



  • Single Multi-tenancy support: Toucan adapts to your existing architecture. Variabilize at the level of your DB, table, column or line with an API or one of our connectors.
  • One-to-many template: duplicate the structure of your applications without having to start from scratch.
  • Accompaniment and Support included: product documentation, accompanied onboarding, an e-learning platform and access to our technical support.


Why should you pay extra for the support you need and expect? Or wait weeks for a fix when your customer experience and business depends on your customer-facing analytics platform? With Toucan, you’ll optimize your team’s efficiency with the best support the industry has to offer, at no extra cost.



Free up your R&D team's time



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