<2 weeks
to create visualizations
data sources
<2 days
for a full tech integration


  • Build the data visualization layer of their product while keeping their tech team focused on their core offering
  • Meeting high UX & UI standards as well as industry security requirements



  • Train their product team on Toucan Studio
  • Deploy Toucan on their cloud infrastructure and plug it into their databases and authentication system



  • First analytics slice delivered to Onbrane users in mere weeks
  • Ability to progress to distributing PDF reports and using Toucan as the visual brick of their Machine Learning System



Onbrane is a French fintech company that aims to digitalize the primary debt market through a negotiation platform for market players.

Key takeaways
  • Reinventing debt financing
  • Multi-product OTC platform


Download the Onbrane Customer Story

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This solution is top of the game: we are very pleased to use Toucan every day.
Onbrane - Arnaud Sales, CPO & Co-Founder