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Optimizing the reporting process was the last aspect of the project to be completed. As reports previously took 3 weeks to prepare, management was looking for a way to speed up this process, as they needed to be able to access the current month’s data.

Quentin Vanoosthuyse, Social Data Project Manager in HR, looked to Toucan Toco for help. The department was able to complete the last phase of its digitization initiative by using a multi-platform application to create user-friendly HR reports that display data via simple visuals.



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Using an HR reporting app to share key information with decision-makers

The HR department had 3 main objectives for this project:

• Streamline legal reporting and implement their data management solution in two to three months.

• Choose the most relevant indicators in order to optimize their reporting.

• Display HR indicators in an easy-to-read format, giving every user, from board members to HR managers, a comprehensive overview of the company’s latest figures with just 5 minutes of reading.

Why Toucan Toco?

“At first, we were working with Business Intelligence tools, but we were never able to achieve a satisfactory level of data reporting. Toucan Toco stood out for us because of their innovative solution. [The software] allows us to tell a story with the data, and provide decision-makers and HR with an app that is super easy to use, with no training necessary. They are the only ones on the market offering that.”

Explained Quentin Vanoosthuyse.

Data storytelling in HR reporting

The project was launched in collaboration with Cash Story, an integrator of Toucan Toco’s solution, specializing in finance. This collaboration enriches the project, as it brings together professionals with various different fields of expertise.

With this data storytelling app, all professionals, including HR teams, Business Units, the Board of Directors and the CEO, can access the exact data that they require.

This offers significant benefits to the entire team, making various different types of data easily accessible, and displaying it in a clear and user-friendly format.

From start to streamlined in 3 months

Applying the agile method to Toucan Toco’s projects allows the company to deliver apps to their clients quickly and efficiently.

“We had 4 meetings, which were 2 1/2 hours long, and then the project was finished.” Explained Quentin Vanoosthuyse. “We were able to offer a first look to 5 members of the Board of Directors after 2 weeks, the app was already polished and presentable. This meant that our directors could see how they would be able to make use of the app, and offer us their feedback.”


“The advantage of working with Toucan Toco is their help in selecting KPIs. They are extremely knowledgeable”

What does HR reporting consist of?

Nexity’s HR reporting app includes all of the management indicators for the group’s HR department, which consists of around thirty decision-makers.

On the platform, users can consult information such as payroll reports. With a single glance, the user can see a breakdown of staffing figures by type of contract, by sex, by age range, etc.

Users can also adjust the scope of the company data, viewing figures by field, category, agency, or over a period of time. This allows them to access the information they need to steer the company according to their vision.


Results of the HR project


• Teams are able to complete their reports in 3 hours instead of 3 days

• Decision-makers are frequent users of the app. Knowledge is streamlined throughout the company’s different departments — everyone sees the same figures, so everyone is on the same page.

• The app is available across various different devices — it can be used on a tablet, mobile phone or computer. Decision-makers are able to access this information from anywhere.

• Indicators can also be ranked, allowing users to see the “top and flop” results, and take immediate action to correct any issues — nobody wants to be in last place. “This is extremely helpful for [tracking] absenteeism, we’re able to see which departments may be facing challenges [in this area] with a single glance.” Explained Quentin Vanoosthuyse.

Creating a data-centric company culture

Toucan Toco is a store. “It’s a nice surprise when you purchase Toucan Toco’s [solution], you get a store, not an app. For me, this makes a big difference. Using Toucan Toco offers the possibility to create several apps to address various different HR topics via several HR dashboards. Right now we’re working on the main [dashboards], but we can also create some for training, for our social partners, etc.” Said Quentin Vanoosthuyse.

“Moreover, using Toucan also sparked a need for reporting on other subjects within the company, meaning we are truly creating a data-driven culture.”



(The English subtitles are available in the video settings)

What is Toucan Toco?

Our Mission : To act as a pedagogy, in order to transform raw and complex data into Dataviz and Interactive Stories. We create a software category: Data Storytelling.

Our Users : Marketing, Production, Financial, Human Resources or Commercial departments of large institutions.

From 4 partners to 50 employees in 3 years, we have succeeded in building a solid reputation and are self-financed, thanks to the trust of more than 90 big customers, including Renault, Total, AXA, BPCE, EDF, JCDecaux, Téréos, Psa, Marques Avenue, lvmh, Euler Hermes, Vinci, DCNS? BIC, sncf, seb, Moet Hennessy, La Banque Postale…

Our Small Apps are mobile, easy to use, easy to implement, integrated into existing IT systems and serve the operational excellence of HR, Marketing, Financial, Commercial, and General Management businesses.

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