Destroying Data Complexities: Toucan vs Other Analytics Solutions

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It is a known fact that data complexities is killing your business by making decisions slower and less reliable while driving up the cost and complexity of analytics.

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The problem starts with the functionalities offered by your analytics solution. They are just not built to destroy data friction. Let's see how they stack up against Toucan in various use cases.


1. Connecting to data sources

Toucan vs Others - Connecting to data Source

There are multiple ways that businesses can store their data, from excel files to cloud storage systems. Connecting to databases is the primary step of analytics. So you would think that analytics solutions in the market would be able to connect to any type of data source seamlessly, without needing extra plugins or inflating their costs. But only Toucan rises to that expectation while other solutions fall short.

2. Getting started

Toucan vs Others - Getting Started

With so many analytics solutions in the market, you would think there would be a few out there that don't need extensive technical or coding knowledge. An easy-to-design solution with a guided interface that everyone can use to gain actionable insights fast. But the only analytics solution that fits the bill is Toucan. 

3. Scaling your analytics

Toucan vs Others - Scaling your analytics

Businesses deploy analytics with the expectation of finding new revenue streams, strengthening core competencies and growing their business. So having an analytics solution that grows with your data should be common practice in the analytics industry. A no-brainer. But to everyone's surprise, you will find that only Toucan comes equipped with the ability to do so.

4. Easy Mobile Insights

Toucan vs Others - East Mobile Insights

While most solutions offer the ability to view your analytics on mobile devices, it comes with a catch. You have to recreate the dashboard or report again for a mobile view. But you already have a view for desktops, why not just transfer it? Creating separate views on different devices just seems like extra work for not enough return. Those are the same questions we asked at Toucan while building our product to destroy data friction. 

5. Analytics for your customer/supplier

Toucan vs Others - Analytics for your customer

Your business is powered by your customers and suppliers. So it only makes sense that they are a part of your analytics journey in gaining actionable insights and making reliable decisions. But most analytics solutions in the market have overlooked this capability or offer a fragmented ecosystem that disrupts the intended collaborative process.

It slowly becomes clear that data friction can be eliminated but analytics solutions in the market are either refusing to do so as they are a major driver to inflate pricing and charge extra for universal features needed by every business. 

Find out if you are suffering from data friction or check out the Toucan demo to see all the other features you might be missing out on.



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