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Why You Need a Data Analytics Platform Without Coding Requirements

Data analytics is a growing industry that has been gaining traction in recent years. Businesses can now pull in data from different sources to help themselves make better decisions about their product and marketing strategies. With the help of an analytics platform, handling data is easier than ever. 

Sadly, many business executives don’t know how to code, which means they couldn’t previously create charts and graphs themselves that easily. As part of our guide on choosing the most versatile analytics platform, let’s explore why you need a data analytics platform with no coding requirements.

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What’s the Big Deal with Analytics Programs Anyway?

An analytics platform helps your business harness data and create helpful reports that help tell the story of your data using charts and graphs. The goal of using a data analytics platform is to identify patterns or trends throughout consumer behavior to improve your business practices and become better.

Analytics platforms are much easier to use than you might imagine. At least if you select a platform that doesn’t require any coding skills. Typically, you can create your first story within 10 minutes. Not to mention, get a 7% boost in sales performance, save your executive team 20 days a year, and double the number of strategic projects that you handle each year.

Why Do I Need a Data Analytics Platform With No Coding Requirements?

Businesses need tools that help them gather their data. With the right tools, they can analyze this information and create reports that are useful to their company’s decisions. Here are some reasons to choose an analytics platform without coding requirements.

1. Put Away Excel and Sheets, For Good

Businesses would previously need experts in Google Sheet and Excel to create tons of meaningful charts in the past. Of course, you need a great deal of coding and data science knowledge to use these tools, and this is why you need a platform with no coding requirements. This way, your business can create reports without relying on expensive experts in Google Sheets and Excel.

2. Save Your Money

Another reason why you need a data analytics program with no coding requirements is that it saves money. As we mentioned earlier, companies would previously have to hire expensive experts in Google Sheets and Excel. That’s a problem when your company can’t afford these high costs every year! Not only that, but this cost continues to grow as time goes on.

One of the benefits of getting an analytics platform without coding requirements is that it can help you get a 6% increase in revenue within three months, and this will immediately help you get an ROI.

3. Stay Ahead of the Curve

It’s also important to note that you need a data analytics platform with no coding requirements because it helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. This means your company will always be able to analyze and create reports without having to wait for IT or other employees who use advanced coding skills.

In fact, companies who rely on Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets will inevitably need to find new platforms due to the advanced new technology we now have in analytics platforms. Not to mention, the data that you receive will likely be much more useful and insightful than you imagined, helping you beat the competition. 

4. Data Scientists Aren’t Always Available

Businesses need a data analytics platform with no coding requirements because your team might not always have access to a data analyst. In fact, many companies admit they don’t have enough data analysts to handle all of their work. This means you that won’t get the results you need when it comes time for reports and analysis – unless you do so manually! 

5. Do the Reports that You Want, Right Away

Are you sick of generating ideas for reports, only to wait weeks for them to finish? Or having the data scientist turn around a report that isn’t exactly what you asked for? With the right data analytics program, you’ll be able to get reports when you need them.

Not to mention, you can customize your charts and graphs right on the spot. With a platform that doesn’t require coding requirements, the executive team and all other departments can instantly generate the reports they want.

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How Do Analytics Platforms Avoid the Need for Coding?

When you first learn that specific analytics platforms don’t require coding knowledge, you might initially be a little skeptical. Let’s go ahead and explore how analytics platforms avoid the need for coding knowledge.

Code is Built-In to the Platform

The team behind data analytics programs does all the hard work preparing code so that you don’t have to! Since the code is already built into these platforms, you can get reports and insights that come from it instantly.

Pre-Made Charts & Graphs

In the past, you would have to know what kind of chart you wanted to make before creating a report. However, these days, you can get reports right away, thanks to the platform’s pre-made charts and graphs.

You Can Customize Charts & Graphs

There are no limits when it comes to customizing your data analytics program! If you want a particular color scheme or style of chart for your report, then it’s ready to go. All you need is the data to make it happen!

Easy System For Uploading Data

Data analytics platforms take the hard work out of pulling your data from a variety of sources. They can read a spreadsheet and almost instantly know what the data represents. Plus, you can upload data right from your computer, so it only takes seconds to get started!

Simple Process of Exporting and Sharing Charts

The final process of analyzing data is exporting and sharing the reports. This way, your team can sift through the charts to see what story is being told. With a platform that doesn’t require coding, this process is simple! All you have to do is click print, save, or export for your report using the embed code.

Ready to Learn More About Analytics Programs?

As we can see, there are tons of reasons why analytics platforms beat the old way of gathering and analyzing data. Plus, the best platforms don’t require coding knowledge to use!

If you want to learn more about analytics programs that are easy to set up and manage without the need for code, then feel free to continue reading the vast database of information we have here on our site.

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