Everything You Need to Know About Analytics software

What is Analytics platform and how to use it?

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Analytics platform is a platform that allows you to track all aspects of your business in one user-friendly dashboard. This means that you can see where your customers are coming from, what they’re clicking on, what pages they’re spending the most time on, and much more! In our guide for using analytics platform, we demonstrate how easy they are to use, along with how practical they are. 


Analytics platform also allows you to compare different business locations to compare sales, help understand trends you might otherwise miss or whatever palpable information you need to track! If this sounds interesting, read on for everything there is to know about analytics platform!


Your Data is a Story, Whether or Not You Track it


As long as businesses have been around, records have been made. Some of those records were kept because they had to be, but some companies made an effort for practical purposes, such as monitoring what didn’t go as planned. Tracking numbers, names, and so on, may seem like a lot of work just for data, but these measurements must be taken regularly, so nothing gets overlooked or lost in the shuffle. This is one of the main benefits of analytics platform.


Countless Benefits Come with Analytics Platform


Let’s go ahead and be straightforward for a second. Your business probably already has plenty of income for you to see it as a stable source of income. However, this isn’t to say that you have peaked out. In all likelihood, you haven’t. In fact, if you find yourself wondering about who needs analytics platform in the first place, then you might be a likely candidate. 


If you’re not tracking your numbers regularly, then more than likely, you are losing lots of money that could be going towards improving parts of your business. Some businesses have managed to increase their revenue by as much as 6% within three months of implementing analytics platform!


How Tracking Platform Helps Improve Your Business


There’s no denying it: data is vital to your business. Analytics platform can give you great information about what parts of your business are successful and which ones need some work.

The most significant benefit, arguably, is the data and figures that you don’t even know you should be tracking, also known as the unknown unknowns, that have crucial implications for your sales and revenue. Analytics platform creates charts regarding your known data, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns alike.


Anybody Can Use an Analytics Platform


Perhaps the most stunning feature of analytics platform is its versatility. Marketing teams, customer service specialists, and just about any sort of professional niche and industry can make use of one! One widespread user of analytics platform is business owners themselves! Many people find that they’re more productive when they keep track of everything in one place.


Taking the Productivity and Usefulness of Data Analysts to New Heights


In all likelihood, the need for data analysts won’t go away simply because of the advent of analytics platform. Data analysts are still needed to make sense of all the different numbers and figures, but at least business owners can get a head start on their own with analytics platform!

Data analysts will save plenty of time previously spent since analytics platform can pull up data and create a chart for said data within a few clicks! Not to mention, the quality of their work will reflect in the HD aesthetics and engaging charts that can be made using analytics platform.


Elevate Your Game as a Business Analyst


Business analysts are given the task of making tough decisions based on the data that they receive. This process is only made more accessible by the advent of analytics platform. With real-time data and accessible information, making those tough decisions becomes a lot less painful!

Analytics platform brings teams together and gives them access to many different types of metrics that can help make difficult business decisions like hiring or firing employees. If you’re looking for a way to make your business analyst team even better, then analytics platform might be the answer!



Tons of Features and Customizable Inputs


The features of analytics platform speak for themselves. This is also one of the most defining features that we find when looking at analytics platform. Here are just a few of the hundreds, if not thousands, available in analytics platform.


Exportable & Embeddable Data for Any Team Member to Use


Remember how hard it used to be just to create one chart, let alone share it and embed it? Yea, those days are over with analytics platform, and now, things are a lot more automatic and intuitive.

In fact, you can make as many charts as you’d like and share them with a click of a button! Even better is that these charts will look great on any size screen or device because they’re fully responsive design.


Customizable Graphs and Charts


The capacity to pull up data and create a chart for said data with the click of a few buttons is a cutting-edge feature that will help you and your team make better decisions. Need a graph that shows revenue growth or loss over time? Check. Need a chart that tells you what products are selling the most? You got it! Want to adjust the metrics being tracked in a chart? Piece of cake.




Automatic Email Alerts when Certain Events Happen


When your business grows, so does the amount of time needed to analyze all those crucial data! In the dark ages before analytics platform, you would have to monitor data for yourself. Today, computers use their own judgment to monitor your data and alert you when something interesting happens!

You can set alerts for yourself or even create them in bulk. For example, if you want an email every time a specific product gets sold on the website, then all it takes is one click! No more guesswork is involved with making sure that everything is running as it should be.


Easy to Navigate Menus


New technology can quickly become useless to those who are not tech-savvy simply due to lack of usability. The menus and buttons on analytics platform are easy to use and will leave you scratching your head, wondering why anyone would want to work without them!

Just pull up the data that you need, select it, and do something with it. It’s as simple as that! No more wasting time finding the correct numbers or waiting around for a report to be made. Usually, all actions that need to be done only require a few clicks.


Wide Variety of Metrics that Can be Tracked, Organized & Analyzed


The great thing about analytics platform is that it can track and organize data from just about any sort of metric that you need. From the number of direct messages on Twitter to the total revenue generated for a specific product, it’s all there!

As mentioned, one thing that can impress new users is analytics platform’s ability to create charts for trends that you might not even have been previously considering! With nalytics platform, just about everything is possible! With all that data being tracked in one place, it’s easy to see why analytics platform can be your business’s best friend. The versatility offered far outweighs any potential problems and troubleshooting you may go through learning how to use analytics platform for the first time. You might soon quickly wonder how you ever survived without analytics platform!


Ability to Compare Data Across Time Periods


One of the essential features to look for when evaluating analytics platform is its ability to compare data across periods. With this feature, you can start to see things in the big picture!

Data can be viewed for any date range or picked from a list of preset ranges. This allows the user to show how trends change over time to see what could happen in the future. For example, if you want to know how your online store has done every month since it opened, you choose that date range! It’s that easy!

Once the data is uploaded to your platform, the system instantly stores it in an online database. You can upload data going back as far as you would like, making it effortless to switch all of your business analytics to a platform that makes full use of it.


So, What Kind of Analytics Platform Do You Need?


There are countless options for analytics platform from which you can choose at this point. It’s crucial that you do some research before deciding on one because it could have a lasting impact on the future of your business. So, take this seriously!

The first step in evaluating what kind of analytics platform you need is to consider just how much data you plan on tracking and storing. If it’s going to be tons of GBs, then perhaps a more expensive solution will suit your needs better than others.

In addition, make sure that you know what type of data you’ll be tracking. If it’s web-based primarily, then make sure that the analytics platform can tap into this sort of niche the best. After doing plenty of research on the topic and comparing multiple platforms, you will easily find the perfect analytics platform.

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