Live Data Connection
native integration to Snowflake
Dedicated Snowflake
Query Optimization module
up to 40% cost reduction
on Infrastructure & BI
Snowflake & Toucan are the perfect team to scale and leverage our cloud infrastructure in record time and with record savings.
- Product Owner, in leading Accounting Software Company

Centralize your data in Snowflake. Unleash your insights in Toucan


  • Empower your business users with live, compelling, Snowflake-powered insights, using Toucan’s built-in framework for Storytelling.

  • Support clear and fast decision-making by deploying dashboards in record time, instantly accessible by anyone, on any mobile device.

  • Leverage natively complimentary Cloud platforms to migrate to the Cloud fast.


Scale Your Data Once:
Native Live Data

  • Communicate unduplicated, Live Data on Toucan using our native, secure, 1-click connection to Snowflake.
  • No data duplication, ingestion, or remodeling necessary.
  • Bring Data Storytelling capabilities to Snowflake and tell data stories in real-time for fast decision-making.

Scalable Security:
& Flexible User Admin


  • Give users instant and safe access to their own data by automatically syncing your Snowflake’s User Permissions in Toucan using oAuth2.0

  • Go further with a granular User Permissions layer in Toucan, giving you manual control on the App, Story, User & Row levels.

Query Optimization
with the Dedicated
Snowflake Engine


  • Pre-load common queries and pay for only what you use with Toucan’s integrated Write Back technology.

  • Find, manage, and query all your data models as-they-are in Toucan’s Snowflake Query Optimization Engine.

  • Speed up deployment by requesting all SQL, NoSQL, from any cloud, on-prem, or API source directly from Toucan.


Instant Usage Monitoring


Pre-Built Snowflake Usage Monitoring Powered by Toucan


Where are user permissions set up?

Permissions can be setup in your Snowflake environment or in Toucan’s User Administration interface. Thanks to the oAuth2.0 protocol, your user permissions in Snowflake can be automatically synced onto Toucan to give your business users an immediate and safe access to their own data, without the intervention of a third party.

Can you do Direct Queries from Toucan to Snowflake?

Yes, you can with Toucan’s dedicated module for Snowflake.

Can Toucan bring in simultaneously data from Snowflake and other data sources?

Yes you can, and in real or differed time. This means that you’ll be able to go through a smooth transition to the Cloud by working with different types of data source, in the cloud or on-premises

What is Toucan’s DataStore?

Toucan’s DataStore includes:
- The Toucan Visual Query Builder, our no-code querying interface.
- Our library of connectors, including that of Snowflake.
- Cache in-memory for differed data sources.

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