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AWS & Toucan are the perfect team to scale and leverage our cloud infrastructure in record time and with record savings.
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Moving to the Cloud?Accelerate your GTM 


  • Leverage a natively complimentary Cloud platform for lightning-fast migrations

  • Accelerate your time-to-value with Toucan studio, the built-in framework for Storytelling that ensures the deployment of modern, innovative solutions. 

  • Launch new applications in days, not weeks! 

Native Live Data Connection & Elasticity


  • 1-click connection to any of your preferred AWS Databases & DataLakes (Redshift, Redshift Serverless, DocumentDB, Aurora, Athema, RDS...)

  • Built-in connection to 100s of Cloud Data Partners (Snowflake, MongoDB, Redis...)

  • A reliable, scalable, secure, & high performing infrastructure for even the most demanding web applications 

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Unlock Insights for All


  • Grant instant, safe access to actionable data insights for your entire organization by automatically syncing user permissions with Toucan 

  • Support clear, fast decision-making by deploying dashboards in record time, instantly accessible by anyone, on any mobile device. 

Optimize Performance & Costs 


  • Only pay for what you use with AWS 

  • Access unprecedented performance when you need it the most 

  • Speed up deployment by requesting all SQL, NoSQL, from any cloud, on-prem, or API source directly from Toucan. 

  • Leverage a ready-to-use managed service with up-to-date servers, automated maintenance, updates, & backups of your service. 
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Democratize Access to Data

Get embedded analytics & uncover highly impactful insights on AWS.

Leverage AWS Investments

Provide an improved dashboard experience to all users on AWS.

Elasticity and Scalability

Drive growth and transform their app & website on AWS


Where are user permissions set up?

Permissions can be set up in your AWS Redshift environment or in Toucan’s User Administration interface.

Thanks to our AWS Redshift connector, your user permissions in AWS Redshift can be automatically synced to Toucan to give your business users  immediate and safe access to their own data, no 3rd party intervention required.

Idem for Redshift Serverless

Can you direct Queries from Toucan to AWS Redshift ?

Yes! With Toucan’s dedicated module for AWS Redshift and AWS Redshift Serverless, it'll be a breeze.

Can Toucan bring in data simultaneously from Redshift and other data sources ?


You can also access other AWS databases (like AWS DocumentDB or AWS DynamoDB) or other cloud data sources like Snowflake or MongoDB.

Toucan supports a seamless transition to the Cloud by working with different types of data sources, in the cloud as well as on-premises...

What is Toucan’s DataStore?

Toucan’s DataStore includes:

- The Toucan Visual Query Builder, our no-code querying interface.

- Our library of connectors, including that of Snowflake.

- Cache in-memory for differed data sources.