answers from the data
44 data sources
& dozens of users
universally across devices with one-click


  • Time-consuming, manual data-harvesting and PDF/ paper-based processes. 

  • Static reports with inability to drill down on data, no actionable insights

  • No visibility into key cost and profitability metrics for customers  


  • Easy-to-use, highly-configurable data stories with an industry-leading user-experience 

  • Modular, intuitive design and a flexible, scalable solution that didn't take a data expert to implement

  • Built-in displays, graphs, and tables with multi-layer data manipulation and real-time notifications 


  • Increased shareholder dividends resulting from a reliable, predictable product 
  • Dramatically improved: user experience, operational efficiency, and customer service

  • Eliminated time waste on manual reporting, data analysis, and configuration 




Willaman Solutions enables producers to quickly hone in on the most relevant metrics – including IoT / Open Platform data – to make bottom line improvements to plant operations. Results include: a reduction in time and material costs, reduced mechanical wear and tear, more yards per hour, and improved product quality. Willaman enables their customers to make better, more informed decisions on what internal investments – such as plant equipment, operator training, or process rework – offer the highest ROI.

Willamansolutions - App illustration
Extremely powerful tool-stack that allows me to make something of my data.
Willaman Solutions - Randy Willaman, Principal

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