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2 months
To deliver the project


  • Monitoring human resources during the energy transition of GRDF 
  • Digitalizing the traditional HR dashboard that was delivered via powerpoint or email
  • Allowing the HR department to own, understand and share their data and employees on the field to access these KPIs quickly



  • An accessible and dynamic dashboard that centralizes the main HR KPIs
  • An HR monitoring app that can be accessed from any location or device




  • HR dashboards that can be deployed in 1 month instead of 6
  • Building a solid data culture at every level of the HR department: for managers and on the field



GRDF is France’s leading natural gas distribution operator and is the number 1 gas distributor in Europe

Key takeaways
  • 200,715 km of gas network
  • 11,000 employees
Toucan Toco provides the best possible support to HR in the transformation challenges
GRDF - Patricia Zuk, HR Monitoring Project Manager

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