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4 weeks
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  • Vehicle Financing & Insurance market is booming, sales must stay up.

  • 200 Sales Agents in the dark: receive complex, delayed, static sales reports.

  • Different data literacy levels, devices used, and seniority.



  • Data Storytelling product makes real-time insights clear and accessible to all.

  • No prerequisites: any device, any data literacy level, all seniority levels.

  • +3 points in market share.



  • 200 Sales Agents, Regional Directors, Managers equipped within 1 month.

  • Management of sales at the general, regional, agency, and sales agent levels.

  • + 3 points in Vehicle Financing & Insurance sales.


Captive Automotive


The DIAC provides vehicle purchasing or leasing financing plans to both private and professional customers. It is the finanical subsidairy of the Renault and Dacia brands for the Renault Group.

Key Takeaways
  • +10% in sales in 2020
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Toucan empowered our network of Sales Agents to do more, thanks to clear and actionable insights delivered in record time.
Diac - Denis Rodrigues, Sales Director

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