2 weeks
to deploy the first dashboard
rows of real time data
cut months-off
their lead time


  • Struggled with a few scattered reporting tables that failed to analyze live information, share critical business insights, and convey the full value of their solution.

  • Missed out on key revenue opportunities because they were unable to empower users with data.

  • Wanting and willing to leverage their AWS investments.


  • Small team of two to integrate Toucan and build a dashboard, just in time for their big product launch.

  • Scaled from a few reporting tables to industrialized reports integrated inside their app and website and tailored to the need of their users.

  • Benefit from elasticity and scalability provided by their AWS infrastructure.


  • Easy to understand and customized dashboards with a great UX to share real-time business updates.

  • Created new revenue opportunities, cut months of their lead time, and WOWed customers and prospects, in both pre-and post-sales.


Energy, power & utilities


DC Power is a leading energy company and a major battery distributorship founded in 2003. They offer both hardware (batteries for forklifts, construction, manufacturing, etc.) and software to provide critical data on batteries’ health and maintenance.

Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.
DC Power - Courtney Toller, App Developer

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