Cloud Analytics - What is it?

The nature of analytics has changed greatly over the past decade. From physical data servers to cloud technology, the landscape is quickly shifting.

These changes can be mostly attributed to the rise of cloud analytics, which is the use of algorithms in the cloud which is then readily available to anyone with access to any device. 

Practically every BI and analytics solution on the market today either partially or fully incorporates cloud technology to generate insights. New-generation analytics tools like Toucan use cloud technology to connect multiple data sources simultaneously, importing data in real time.

But why is cloud analytics the future and what makes it such a compelling offering for businesses in all industries? We'll get into why cloud analytics is here to stay and what makes it a useful tool.

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How Cloud Analytics Drives Growth and Scalability

Data analytics, generally, is not a new concept. Since the 90's, businesses have used data-driven insights to scale and make decisions that drive growth. The problem is, extracting those insights from traditional analytics tools came with inefficiency, frustration, and low adoption

These pain points drove many businesses away from the expensive investment in data analytics and created a stigma around analytics being "overrated." That idea was warranted for the vast majority of businesses - until now. 

Cloud analytics has changed the game in more ways than one: 

  • Cloud technology has allowed companies to increase the size of data sets collected and decreased the cost of data storage.
  • Automation of processes has lessened the need for data teams and expensive data architecture.
  • Businesses have more options for when to use and deactivate services.

These main contributions of cloud technology to the analytics space are beginning to turn the heads of analytics deniers. The cloud has partially, and in some cases, fully solved the frustrations of analytics users. 

For example, Toucan's analytics solution has seen an astronomic increase of adoption rates from the standard 30% to 80%. The simplification of data processes is increasing trust and excitement in our clients' visualizations. The instant sharing of reports and dashboards, also a byproduct of web-based cloud technology, is allowing users to collaborate and discuss their data.


Toucan's Cloud Analytics Capabilities 

Toucan's mission is to extend the benefits of cloud-based, simplified, and comprehensive analytics to the masses. We know that data can be complicated, but also have proof that it doesn't have to be. 

Non-technical users are the ones benefitting from data-driven insights, and Toucan's applications are designed to put data back into the hands of the business user. With 500+ one-click data connectors, mobile capabilities, and scalable embedded analytics, data democratization is more easily achievable than ever before.