• Deliver insights to business-oriented, hands-on managers
  • Give Product Managers autonomy so the tech team can focus on the core product
  • Allow the team to go fast



  • Leverage Toucan Toco Embedded Analytics to deliver the perfect UX for non-technicals
  • Rely on Toucan Studio to empower Product Managers



  • A complete analytics solution that helps Libeo's business users surface insights from their invoices and better steer their cash
  • A hands-on onboarding that delivered value in days



The easy-to-use platform simplifies the management and payment of supplier invoices by connecting companies to each other directly, without them having to go through their banking interface.

Key takeaways
  • Leader in B2B payments for SMEs
  • Fast growing start-up
Until now we’ve developed most of our products in-house. But we knew that analytics was going to be different because of their sheer cost & complexities.
LIBEO - Pierre-Antoine Glandier, CPO & CTO

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