Are You Suffering From Data Complexities?

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The International Health Agency has reported that "Data Complexities" is the #1 leading cause of frustration, anxiety, and lack of productivity for business analysts and leaders worldwide

.Data Friction Users

Are you frustrated with the complexity of analytics? Does the thought of connecting to data sources give you a migraine? Do you lie awake at night sweating over the thought of user adoption for analytics?

Here are the signs to watch for:

1. Users are asking for more data, but you just can’t find the time or resources to connect everything they need. Writing code or buying yet another adaptor is holding you back.

2. You need mobile analytics for your users, but the idea of rewriting everything you did for the desktop AGAIN and then keeping it all in sync is too much to stomach.

3. You’d love to embed analytics in apps and portals for your customers, but it’s too complicated. You don’t even know where to begin — and the very idea of writing a bunch of code gives you a pounding headache.

4. You need dashboards for your users, but simply showing a chart by itself with no explanation doesn't answer the need. And pasting into Powerpoint just so you can add context? Crazy.

5. You have panic attacks thinking about user adoption. You’ve heard the industry-standard number — 30% — and get dizzy thinking about explaining why no one is using the analytics to your boss.

6. You need to get analytics to everyone, including customers and partners, but the thought of paying “per user” is giving you a rash. How can you scale when you’re paying half your budget just for seat licenses?

7. "Data preparation” has become a forbidden phrase for you. Just to do something simple, like convert date formats, means you need to buy some data prep tool or write Python code. Best not to think about it.

8. You start shaking as you approach the office, worrying that a user might need new metrics and that you’ll have to “remodel” your data. Insane model schemas of proprietary spaghetti-code are the bane of your existence.

9. Blank pages waiting for charts and metric make you left eye start twitching uncontrollably. What goes on this page? Where do you start? What color? What typeface? Twitch, twitch, twitch.

10. As you move data out of your data warehouse and store it a second time, just to do analytics, you develop a slight cramping feeling in your gut. You’ve desynchronized everything, added cost, made things more complex and created a giant security risk. The cramping gets stronger. You need help.

If you’re suffering any of the symptoms of Data Friction, you need to act now. Waiting prolongs the agony, the cost, the risk. Don’t gamble on your health and your organization’s well-being!

Contact Toucan. We’re here. We’re ready to help.

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