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Can you present yourself and introduce Datalift?

I’m Michael Watine, founder and CEO of DataLift. DataLift is a consultancy, we help our Consumer Goods customers optimize their business and market data strategy. So we really have two goals:


  • optimize their data investment
  • give it maximum leverage


How did you reach the conclusion that building a data product would help you develop your business?

We are a data consulting company, data is of course core to our value proposition. But until now we met our customer’s requirements with tools such as excel. Because the tools we built were aimed at analysts and data experts, and they love it! But we identified an opportunity to build a tool aimed at top management people. And they want something they can access on mobile, with an easy to grasp UX.


What were your requirements in finding the right tool to build your product? Why did you choose Toucan?

We knew what Toucan was doing with large companies, and we liked a lot the positioning as easy-to-build and easy-to-deploy. We were looking for a tool that could be used by us, by our consultants. It was out of the question to recruit developers but at the same time, we wanted to be fully autonomous because we anticipated that some customers were going to ask for customization.

For our customers, we were looking for an application that looks great on mobile. It will be used by top management people. Also, we wanted our product to stand on its own. And here again, Toucan does the job, it’s a full-blown application with a chat, sharing features…


You started working with Toucan 2 weeks ago, can you describe what went on during this period?

Well, first the result is available here so you can just take a look ⤵️



Well, we really have 3 phases in the project. The first one is building, through what Toucan calls a design-first approach, a prototype. One of our consultants, Thibaud, built it with limited support from Toucan in less than 2 weeks.


We’re now working with our data partner to plug our data into the application. We’ll then have an off-the-shelf application we can propose to our pilot customers in accordance with their data management policy.


Next, we’ll commercialize this data application as a new Datalift offer completely branded for our customers. We worked closely with our customers, so we know we’re tackling a key challenge they have here.


What are the prerequisites for building a data product with Toucan?

I would recommend that you focus on one key challenge you know your customers have. When you made up your mind, building it with Toucan is a no-brainer, the tool gives you a lot of flexibility. You also have to work end to end on your offer so you have to plan bandwidth for conceiving, building, and commercializing your offer. In our case, this end-to-end process will take a month.


Do you know that OEM analytics would help to grow your business? Feel free to contact us just below, we’ll be glad to answer all questions 🤩



about Toucan Toco

Our mission: tell Business Performance Stories through interactive Data and Data Storytelling.


Our users: Marketing, Production, Finance, Human Resources, SalesForces and Top management of Big Companies.


From 4 partners to 100 employees in 5 years, we were self-financed until 2019, thanks to the support of more than 100 clients, for more than 300 projects, including Renault, Crédit Agricole, Elior, Icade, Nexity, EDF, GRDF, BNP Paribas,

Heineken, Marques Avenue, Euler Hermes, BIC, SNCF… We have completed our first funding from Balderton Capital and the former founder of Business Object to accelerate our development in the United States.


Small apps are mobile, easy to use, made for action and easy to set up in any information system.

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