return on investment


Save money with better monitoring of F&B orders and workforce planning optimization

50 hours
saved per year/site


Let your site managers focus on clients, not on reports.

no hassle


No shortages or surpluses in resource allocation, thanks to Guided Analytics

Toucan allowed us to reduce operations spendings thanks to easy access to forecasts and comparisons between our multiple sites
SODEXO - Antonio Abi Saad, Global Data Services Director
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Compare your sites' best practices


  • Enable data-driven conversations where, and when, they need to happen.

  • Optimize operations between sites.  

  • Align your teams and stakeholders with actionable, insightful and centralized reporting.


Provide in context Data Storytelling


  • Personalized dashboards: over roles, sites, devices and more.

  • Made to be actionable with clear recommendations.

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Get predictive analytics in the field


  • Access to demand forecasts to avoid wastage or shortage.

  • Optimize HR Planning by monitoring your activity volume 

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