White label analytics - what is it?

White label analytics describes the capability of integrating personalized advanced analytical software, such as dashboards and data visualization, directly into your product while aligning these features with your brand and user experience.

White labeled analytics solution is typically embedded analytics that can be fully customized and branded to ensure the vendor's analytics appear and feel more like an integral part of your existing business application rather than a third-party application. This also contributes to maintaining the same organizational feel throughout your brand's corporate logos, systems, and messaging. 

There are many different names for white label analytics, including white label BI, custom analytics, and OEM analytics, but the concept is the same: Making analytics your own.

white label analytics - customization


What part of analytics can you white-label?

The use of an embedded business intelligence solution that supports white-labeling enables you to change the colors, fonts, logos, buttons, links, login pages, menus, and most importantly, the content itself (reports, charts, dashboards).

Organizations that wish to adopt analytics will be able to make analytics appear more natural as part of their brand and software experience rather than as an entirely separate or hastily bolted-on component, thanks to embedded analytics vendors offering such customization and personalization options. Using this approach can encourage users to engage with and utilize analytics while associating these features with the brand, rather than the vendor.

There is a wide range of flexibility when it comes to white labeling analytics, depending on the analytics vendor.

For example, Toucan can be white-labeled and seamlessly integrated into any product. By utilizing comprehensive APIs, data security integration, and an easy-to-use user interface, Toucan allows brands to deliver an embedded analytics solution that matches their user experience and looks like their own.


How to choose the right white label analytics vendor

The following are some key considerations when choosing a white label analytics vendor.

Extensive development tools: Do you have access to all the tools you need across the entire analytic development lifecycle with the white label analytics vendor? Make sure they have tools for designing, integrating, and deploying embedded analytics so that you can customize the analytics to the exact configuration and customization standards you need to make them a true part of your brand.

Security and scalability: What are the unique deployment requirements of your white label analytics vendor? When integrating a business intelligence platform into your app, ensure the solution you choose offers the security, scalability, availability, and flexibility needed to protect your data.

No proprietary database: Is there no proprietary lock-in with the white label analytics vendor? Once you have integrated the analytics solution, you are not tied to proprietary databases or development languages, and your team will be able to assemble and deploy your white-labeled analytics solution without spending extra money, stress or time learning new skills. A good example of this is Toucan.

Trusted partnership: Are you guided throughout the integration process by the white label analytics vendor? Your white label analytics solution should be a recognized leader in the analytics space, with consistent communication, technical support, and feature updates throughout the entire integration lifecycle.

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