Social dashboard - What is it ?

A social dahsboard, or HR dashboard, is an analytical tool that allows you to view HR data interactively.

In particular, it enables the human resources department to improve recruitment processes, optimize company management, or improve employee performance.

By aggregating and making sense of the data, such a tool enables better decisions to be made based on the data. For example, HR managers will be able to determine how to spend their budget to find new talent.


They will also be able to identify high-potential employees and understand how to avoid losing them. A social dashboard also helps them see the skill differences between top and bottom performers and understand how to eliminate those differences.

In addition, these tools help identify the skills that will be needed in the coming years and whether the company has these skills or needs to acquire them.

To help identify these trends, the Social Dashboard collects the most important information. This can be in the form of reports or key performance indicators. This data is then collated and presented on a single screen.

For example, tracking the number of employees in the company :


Typically, there are several key data items that should be included in an HR dashboard. Examples include the number of employees in the company, their age and gender, and their level of education. The position they occupy, their working time, the percentage of recently recruited employees are also to be taken into account.

The various costs such as those of absences, the cost of labor, the cost of training, or the cost of recruitment are also interesting to analyze for optimization.

The information can be visualized in the form of graphs and other visual presentations, in order to offer optimal visibility and to help position the company in relation to its objectives.

Social dashboards are interactive, and it is therefore possible to study certain points in more detail. This is what differentiates them from a static report. They are also customizable, so the HR manager can choose which items to display first.

However, these tools are not only useful for HR managers. They are also intended for company executives and should enable decision-makers to ensure that the company's strategy is in line with its objectives.

Human resources managers and executives must work together to identify the data needed to achieve these goals. This data should be collected and monitored to ensure that employee performance is aligned with the company's goals.