Testimonial: Walter Bachtiger, founder & CEO at VoiceBase

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Can you please describe the value proposition of your company and how you provide analytics to your customers today?

VoiceBase help brings the vision to voice and empowers organizations with insight from conversational interactions. As Companies have lots of interaction with customers, they want to know what customers might see want, love, have, like, and whether or not they are having good experiences.

The core VoiceBase technology :

  • is an AI that is both voice transcription/analysis of the feelings from data
  • push recommendations related to the data and insight thanks to AI
  • integrate directly with visual BI analytics tools

Why offering an analytics feature embedded in your software was critical for your value proposition?

VoiceBase started with a simple use case: to create a searchable voice database for users. But “Voice” is hard, and to properly measure customer voice interactions, it needs to be converted into text. Once you have data extracted, the next question from a customer service agent is often “tell me what to do.” Fortunately, AI bridges the gap between data & actionable recommendations. That’s key.

Then, keeping in mind that everything you do in B2B comes down to ROI, the stake was and still is “selling more, spending less and helping their customers”


When we speak of the capabilities of all this technology, we can think in terms of cooking:

  • after building the technology, you need to make sure the data is clean just as you would want good ingredients before cooking your meal
  • the API is like a meal kit and instructions for people to cook on their own
  • VoiceBase Enterprise accelerator is like having a team of star chefs cook up your recipe to your specifications and then teach you how to run the kitchen.

Next, what does mean the impact of offering this packaged analytics experience?

Simple, if you sell the ingredients, you get less margin, the full recipe is a higher margin there is no question about that, but it’s more complicated and specialized. So, like a restaurant, you have to prepare a meal for each table. You make more money selling meals rather than ingredients.

Obviously, I am closer to proving the ROI, if I deliver the full value chain and calculate the ROI. It’s a better way to monetize the product, plus I can focus on further developing the technology.

Most of our customers have a huge amount of data. Bringing AI to all your data points, that surfaces the insights quickly in an actionable manner.

This vision embodies critical capabilities because they help tell people what they need / what they want, and as they don’t really know what to look and how to find it, this supervised learning approach enlightens them to see “what is here, what needs their attention”. It’s kind of a way to guide them, showing what’s standing out and where to start.

In addition to coloring things with sentiments, that’s important that unsupervised and supervised learning need work together. You must marry them, one to discover and one to detect your strengths. It’s more like a ladder because AI is just a tech, so you need to drive revenue with actionable insights.

How does the ANALYTICS FEATURE impact your business strategy?

If you mean “How to coordinate Product, Sales & Customer Success team”, and “how does it help us to address C-level stakeholders?” Here are my answers.

We used to sell just to the engineer developers, so as they started moving to analytics, we decided that the customers are the C-level executive because now we cover all the data of the company, and we give insights to all the departments.

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