How to succeed in digital transformation: Crédit Agricole's Experience


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Fanny Sourdou, Head of the Multichannel Bank Service and proximity, came to discuss the digital transformation operated at Crédit Agricole Loire Centre. They decided to choose Toucan Toco to help them plan and ensure the adequate implementation of this transformation. To this effect, Toucan Toco offered them an Agile and innovative solution able to fulfill three objectives: 100% digital efficiency, customer autonomy and loyalty.


First and foremost, digital transformation is a product of indoor results. Thanks to a new tool: Trello, the Regional Bank Loire Centre followed the Agile method during the project’s development and deployment. This tool has helped them explore a whole new method of project management.

To achieve the goal, the work has resulted in a hierarchy and structuring of the data, taking into consideration different indicators and terms to choose, in order to remain faithful to the company’s culture.

“It was necessary to organize and structure the data so it could be eaten up by Toucan.”

The project’s deployment has really helped them make a significant gain on time. From a marketing that should have lasted 18 months, with Toucan, it only lasted only 5 months. Additionally, branch managers have unique access to data.

The application has been previewed by Research and Development agencies, a group of ten agencies that tests all their marketing. Their feedback mentioned a good manipulation of information thanks to “sexy ergonomics” and a simple design that allowed the R&D agencies to deliver and communicate information to their teams, as well as data on the primary areas of improvements at the agency level to support their employees with shared best practices.

The application is therefore synonymous to time gain and visibility for the agencies of Crédit Agricole, Loire Centre.


One of the main issues for Crédit Agricole Loire Centre was to equip teams on the field. To do that, they needed a tool that would allow them to conduct data management and provide visibility on future projects, at any time, wherever they are. Therefore, a responsive tool was in the order of use; i.e. a tool that could be on a mobile device and tablet, in addition to the computer.

“If advisors can manage customers’ uses in multichannel and remotely, we would definitely reach our final goal”.


The application has helped gain a better knowledge of their customers. As a matter of fact, it definitely gives them visibility into their clients’ use of their services, enables them to understand their new needs and to find the appropriate solution thereof.

Furthermore, the customer image also has improved, with a boost in credibility. Advisors have total control over digital tools, and they can effectively guide and support their customers with such. This helps improve customer experience and satisfaction.


  • Better communication between agencies: the application allows a comparison between agencies and employees. By so doing, it promotes the transmission of good practices to be achieved during digital transformation and it gives meaning to the contextualization of data.

  • Effective learning: The in-house application is easy to learn as they have introduced tutorials, videos and memo cards to teach how to manipulate it.

  • Long-term visibility: advisors and agency managers had a vision for long-term digital projects. Thanks to the application, it is now possible. They can better understand their missions and better anticipate marketing.

This solution has enabled Crédit Agricole’s agencies in the Loire Centre to succeed in their digital transformation, by accompanying their advisors and agency directors. The solution provided also allowed them to give a new meaning to the maintenance and follow-up of their agencies. Today, they offer their customers 100% digital and 100% human support.

Check out Fanny Sourdou’s interview which summarizes her experience at Toucan Toco!




Kilian Bazin, co-founder @Toucan Toco


Toucan Toco was founded in March 2014, by Charles Miglietti, Kilian Bazn, Baptiste Jourdan and David Nowinsky. They discover that only expert analysts can easily access business performance data.

They therefore have as goal: To democratize access to information for neophytes, and give them the power of decision, via a whole new discipline: Data Storytelling.

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