How to Pick Personas to Build Great Data Products

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Building a great data product starts with your users. But not all users are created equal. Your users can be split into three main groups, best, next and last.

Best users are the ones who really want the new data product. They have been asking for similar functionalities for a while and see strategic value in the data product you have to offer. These are the users who will be early adopters, willing to pay a higher price for functionaries with increased usage rates.

Picking Personas for Data Product - Ideal

Next users see the strategic value in your new data product but do not consider it an immediate necessity. The benefits of your data product are unclear to them and you have to show how you can solve their pain points to convert their need into a want.

Last users don’t understand their own needs. Even if the data product you are launching might be beneficial to them, they do not know it. So it becomes your job to show them why they need it, prove strategic value and convert that into a want. Generally, the last ones to adopt the solution, they are reluctant and expensive to get onboard. 

Ideal Persona

Your ideal persona should be modeled after the best user. 

While creating a person card it is important to dig deeper. Go past the surface level statistics to understand what they don’t have, the problem they are trying to solve and their primary mission. This will help you link users to analytics. 

Ideal Persona for Data Product

To understand this concept better check out the following example:


While this will help you get a better understanding of the users you are designing the data product for, there is a lot more that goes into making it successful. Check out our webinar on 5 key steps to building a great data app to learn more.

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