6 weeks
From onboarding to release
dashboards in production
versions of charts created


  • Launch a new data product with a small tech team in weeks
  • Deliver a best in class user experience with different security levels and scaling potential


  • Keep the internal tech team focused on the core AI components of the product
  • Use Toucan Toco's technology to create dashboards that display the right KPIs in an easy and actionable way
  • Operate through iteration sprints and utilize beta testers



  • The first version of the product shipped in weeks 
  • The new dashboarding experience exceeds the expectations of PricingHUB's customers
  • PricingHUB can now effortlessly scale its product to new users



PricingHUB is a SaaS offering with the mission of helping retailers and e-commerce players protect their margins by putting customers’ price sensitivity at the center of price optimization decisions.

Key Takeaways
  • Founded in 2018
  • Enables pricing optimization at scale
All it took was 6 weeks to integrate Toucan into our product. During that period we tested more than 100 versions of different charts.
PricingHUB - Xavier Casellato, Co-Founder