employee engagement
1,200 visits
on launch day
2,780 users
access secure performance data


  • Give every employee clear visibility onto their salary, performance, and benefits. 

  • Increase employee engagement by presenting the social benefits offered by Nexity

  • Move away from manual labor and digitalize your employee reports.



  • Personnalized dashboards created for every employee, accessible without training, on all devices.

  • Private and secure access to personal data ensures the confidentiality of your team's sensitive information.



  • Employees are aware of their benefits and their rights : both work-life satisfaction and engagement increase.

  • Close to 3'000 employees visit their personal portal on a regular basis. 

  • Data Culture is strengthened : aligned with Nexity's overall digital transformation strategy of the HR department. 

Real Estate Agencies


The leading french real estate group operating in all fields of real estate development and services.

Key takeaways
  • 5,300 employees
  • 350 agencies
Nexity - App illustration
Toucan's given our employees an easy access onto their performance and benefits, thus increasing engagement and satisfaction.
Nexity - Quentin Vanoosthuyse, HR Data Manager

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