Why Every Business Should Consider Investing in Data Analytics

Are you a business owner looking to better organize your business?

Data is everywhere. We all produce it, whether or not we track it and make use of it. Data analytics can help us understand our customer’s needs and wants, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, improve both product development and operational efficiency, and much more.

With so many benefits to gain from data analytics, every business should consider investing in a data analytics platform. Executives, for example, save up to 20 days a year when using one! If you still find yourself wondering ‘what is an analytics platform?’ we are here to help. We will discuss all you need to know about the groups of people that can use a data analytics platform on this page.


Data Analysts


Data analysts are usually the first to see the value of data and are already familiar with working with structured data to find patterns. An analytics platform built for data analysts is used to exploit machine learning algorithms to uncover hidden trends in their datasets. If you work as a data analyst, having access to a top-quality platform will help you make full use of data for your clients’ needs. A three-click system for pulling up charts, then, becomes an immediate luxury for a data analyst. 


What Other Uses Does an Analytics Platform Have for Data Analysts?


Data analysts of various levels of knowledge and inputs can use a data analytics platform for multiple purposes. For instance, an analyst may look for patterns in the aggregated data from a survey or better understand customer behavior through a specialized tool. Another analyst might be interested in applying predictive modeling on their dataset to predict the company’s next best course of action based on past activities.


Business Analysts


A business analyst is a profession that is crucial to the success of any company. Through careful analysis and evaluation, these professionals help direct the company’s strategy and initiate a chance to grow. Business analysts can use a data analytics platform to support their work by getting access to more information such as customer preferences and trends in buying behavior.


What Other Uses Does an Analytics Platform Have for Business Analysts?


Business analysts may find value in a data analytics platform for many reasons. They often want an outside perspective on their current strategies and goals and an approach that can be offered through the use of the platform. A business analyst may also need help interpreting customer data or analyzing changes in their data over time.


Sales Teams


The sales team of a company will quickly notice the usefulness of an analytics platform. Sales analytics can provide a competitive advantage by improving the efficiency of their marketing campaigns, identifying which customers are most likely to buy from them and how much they should spend on each campaign. The sales team will also have access to highly relevant customer data that can help give better insights into people’s motivations for choosing certain products or services.


HR Departments


A data analytics platform can provide a lot of value to HR teams as well. Through predictive modeling, companies will have more information about what their current employees are looking for in terms of career opportunities and how likely they are to leave the company if given an offer from another organization. The platform also allows managers with limited time or resources to understand brewing trends that they need to be aware of.


Executive Teams


Executive teams are responsible for looking at the bigger picture, and they must consider how all of their decisions will affect future business strategies and growth. Data can help answer some challenging questions, such as the optimal location to open a new store or which resources should be prioritized during product development cycles based on past results.


What Other Uses Can It Have for Executive Teams?


Executive teams will find the most value from a data analytics platform as they are always looking for more information that can help them make better decisions. To keep their business ahead of their competitors, they need to quickly access customer preferences and behavior patterns, competitor insights, and industry trends.


Data & IT Teams


An analytics platform provides a lot of value to the data & IT teams as well. They can use it to provide more powerful insights for their customers and access rich customer profiles, including product usage trends or even customer sentiment analysis. A data & IT team will benefit from an analytics platform by better allocating resources based on business needs and customer demand.


Marketing Teams


As a data-driven company, marketers will have access to more information about their customers and how they can effectively communicate with them through an analytics platform. They’ll better measure performance metrics such as click-through rates on advertisements or whether users are viewing certain ads for more extended periods.




If you are running your own online business, for example, it can be hard to pull in relevant data and numbers for your venture. A data analytics platform can help you make better business decisions, improve your product offering through predictive analytics, and track key performance indicators that are important to the success of your venture.


An entrepreneur will love the ability to quickly access information about their customers, which they might not have had before. They’ll also find it easier to track the success of their marketing campaigns and launch new ones that they know will perform well.


Any Business with a Budget


When it comes time for a business to invest in data analytics, one of the first things that should be considered is how much capital can be allocated towards this effort. It’s essential to think about what types of analytics needs the company will have and consider that a good data analytics platform should scale with your business going forward.


How Much Money Should Be Allocated Towards Data Analytics?


When allocating funds towards a data analytics platform, companies must think about their immediate needs and how they might change as the company grows. An analytics platform can grow with your business and expand to meet future needs, so it’s essential not to invest too much in the beginning before you know how beneficial this tool will be for your company.


Any Professional Business Should Consider Using an Analytics Platform


Sometimes referred to as the ‘new gold’, data is indubitably one of the essential parts of running a successful business. Without data, the value that your company provides will naturally lack in ways that are easily fixed with the help of data and data-based decisions. Therefore, anybody who fits one or more of the criteria mentioned above should highly consider looking into using an analytics platform.


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